Quality Policy

Gieminox Tectubi Raccordi is a company specialized in the manufacture of welded pipes in stainless steel, duplex, nickel alloys, titanium, coppernickel, carbon steel and alloy steel, in accordance with recognized standards and customer requirements; and in the manufacture of metallurgically clad pipes, in accordance with applicable standards and customer requirements.

Gieminox Tectubi Raccordi supplies its products to the oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical sectors, power generation plants, nuclear power plants, mining industry, water treatment plants, construction of civil works and others.

The fundamental scope of Gieminox Tectubi Raccordi is to obtain income, in accordance with the needs of the Customer, employees, shareholders and the community.

Conditions necessary for achieving the above scope are:

  • maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction;
  • the decrease in business costs, taking into account profitability;
  • maintaining a process of continuous improvement as the basis of the corporate management philosophy, through the identification and removal of the constraints that limit the achievement of the scope;
  • compliance with Quality System regulations such as API Q1 and ISO 9001;
  • compliance with laws and mandatory regulations related to the field of application of the Quality and Safety Management System, including group NSC & CFSI policies.

The present points are correlated to measurable objectives and evaluated periodically, to verify the degree of achievement. These objectives are defined, evaluated and reviewed during Management Review.

This quality policy will be re-evaluated every twelve months to ascertain its continued suitability.

The Board of Directors

Quality is strength

In addition to ISO 9001/2008 - PED approvals, in order to achieve full customer satisfaction and market recognition, Gieminox Tectubi Raccordi:

  • operates in accordance with the most updated quality standard procedures and manufacturing system
  • is open to any client's audit request to meet special approvals
  • uses WPS qualified in accordance with ASME IX, EN288, ISO 15614 and other international standards as verified by TÜV, APAVE, DNV, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's Register, ABS.
    Additional special tests required by clients are also carried out and included in the qualification procedures
  • adheres to HSE Policy to prevent and reduce major accidents, for the protection of workers and the environment.

Norsok approvals

In 2008 Gieminox Tectubi Raccordi achieved Norsok M-650 qualification to supply welded pipes in:
  • UNS S32205/UNS S31803
  • UNS S32750
  • UNS S32760
  • UNS S31254
  • UNS N08926

API Monograms

Gieminox Tectubi Raccordi achieved API Monogram Licenses 5L/5LC/5LD durng 2013 as result of an improvement plan concerning production and quality systems.

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